PSI Technology Ltd. was established in 2010 as a construction sector wholesaler – a field in which the founders of the Company have already had decades of professional experience and international relationship capital. It has become the aim of the Company to build a solid, stable point for our clients, despite uncertainty prevalent in the construction industry, provided in return for the confidence entrusted in our Company.

Increasingly close cooperation with our clients during the past years has been crowned by the expansion of our portfolio, after joining our main partners and entering the construction contracting sector – in both general and specialist fields. Backed by the experience and dedication of our highly qualified experts and professionals, who have decades of experience, and relying on our continuous developments we strive to meet professional challenges as specialists in slipforming technology.

Our vision:
To become the leading company implementing slipform construction technology not only in Central Europe, but eventually Europe-wide as well.

Our mission:
Through continuously training our dedicated experts, and with experience gained through overcoming professional challenges, and by enduringly developing our technology, it is our mission to establish a new base of clients and to further strengthen the confidence vested in our Company by our returning Partners, and to carry out excellent work as appreciation for their orders.

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